The Personalized Nutrition & Nutrigenomics consultancy

Mariette Abrahams Consulting (Formerly Pomegranate nutrition consulting) is a niche Nutrition consultancy specialising in providing technical expertise, strategic business advice and training on personalized nutrition to the functional food, digital health and (Bio)Technology industry.

We offer a unique mix of nutrition expertise, social media savviness and business knowledge. Our strength is in using our expert nutrition knowledge and experience in medical nutrition and personalized nutition to build and grow brands. We know that small and medium-sized businesses can find it hard, and expensive, to Image showing personalized nutritionemploy a full-time nutrition team who can provide accurate, evidence based information and support, we are here to change that.

With nutrition and health high on the agenda of many entrepreneurs and start-ups, we solve this problem by offering our consultancy services virtually on a flexible contract basis, so you can get on with looking after your business. With our expertise, practical experience and consumer insight in the field of nutrigenomics and personalized nutrition, we help you get ahead by adding value to your management team and project without the need to invest in permanent headcount.

We speak English, Afrikaans, Hebrew, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese.

Whether you need to discuss strategy, target groups, disease states,practical application, marketing or social media tactics, we´ve got it covered. We don´t just tell you what to do, we also help you to implement the advice. Whether you are a start-up or an existing company, we can provide input at all levels to ensure that your products and services have the best chance of getting off the ground,onto shelves and into the hands of increasing number of consumers that are eager to change their diet and lifestyle.

Some of our key services include;

  • Providing technical expertise on nutritional genomics and personalized nutrition
  • Providing strategic business advice
  • New product development and technical customer support
  • Speaking, Training and providing education on Nutritional Genomics & Personalized nutrition
  • Brand support and ambassador
  • Expert opinion and comments on media communications and reports

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